Syncview is a workflow management tool for Autodesk® Revit®

About syncview

Syncview provides real-time oversight into your digital authoring processes. Helping you to proactively manage your model health in a network environment.

Harness your data

Syncview monitors Revit® Sync with central, model quality, user behaviour and activity. It helps make visible otherwise hidden events like sudden growth or shrinkage, abnormally long file open or syncs and model crashes that might have previously gone unreported. Without impacting on project data or confidentiality in any way, Syncview uses big data analytics to monitor your model's health. Syncview opens a new window on Autodesk® Revit® usage patterns, intelligently analyses the information, and presents it back to you in logical, understandable way.

Make workflows simpler and manage more efficiently

Coordinate team efforts. Identify and display practice-wide information and compare project performance across your BIM estate. Foster Best Practice by interrogation of Revit metadata to assist in spotting abnormal behaviour. Syncview improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire BIM team.

More efficient troubleshooting

Dashboards are customised by you, presenting both the real-time and historic information that you require. Intelligent, context driven reporting can be set to alert you, catching things as or even before they go wrong. By facilitating proactive and speedy diagnosis, Syncview can save you hours or even days of lost time.

It's Free!

Syncview is a free Revit 3D dashboard tool.

How it works

Runs in the background to harvest data collected by Revit 3D

Create an account at https://syncview.io Install Syncview and start gathering your data

Select your projects and we'll start working on your data straight away

Login to your dashboard to see your BIM world illuminated


Runs in background to harvest data collected by Revit 3D

Does not alter original data but creates attached metadata

Maintains all data ownership, creator and editors

Does not generate new data

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